California Minimum Wage Laws


Below is a summary of minimum wage rates in specific California cities and counties, as of December 11, 2023.

New employment laws in California are passed all the time, and employers as well as employees should monitor their work locations for potential new minimum wage rates.

CityMinimum Wage Rate
Alameda, CA (city)$16.52/hour (as of 7/1/2023)
Belmont, CA$17.35/hour (as of 1/1/2024)
Berkeley, CA$18.07/hour (as of 7/1/2023)
Burlingame, CA$17.03/hour (as of 1/1/2024)
Cupertino, CA$17.75/hour (as of 1/1/2024)
Daly City, CA$16.62/hour (as of 1/1/2024)
East Palo Alto, CA$17.00/hour (as of 1/1/2024)
El Cerrito, CA$17.92/hour (as of 1/1/2024)
Emeryville, CA$18.67/hour (as of 7/1/2023)
Foster City, CA$17.00/hour (as of 1/1/2024)
Fremont, CA$16.80/hour (as of 7/1/2023)
Glendale, CA$19.74/hour for hotels with 60 or more guest rooms (as of 7/1/2023)
Half Moon Bay, CA$17.01/hour (as of 1/1/2024)
Hayward, CA$16.00/hour for small businesses (25 or fewer employees); $16.90/hour for large businesses (26 or more employees) (as of 1/1/2024)
Long Beach, CA$17.55/hour for hotels with 100 or more guest rooms (as of 7/1/2023)
Los Altos, CA$17.75/hour (as of 1/1/2024)
Los Angeles County, CA (unincorporated)$16.90/hour (as of 7/1/2023)
Los Angeles, CA (city)$16.78/hour; $19.73/hour for hotels with 60 or more rooms (as of 7/1/2023)
Malibu, CA$16.90/hour (as of 7/1/2023)
Menlo Park, CA$16.70/hour (as of 1/1/2024)
Milpitas, CA$17.20/hour (as of 7/1/2023)
Mountain View, CA$18.75/hour (as of 1/1/2024)
Novato, CA$16.04/hour for small businesses with 1-25 employees; $16.60/hour for large businesses with 26-99 employees; and $16.86/hour for very large businesses with 100 or more employees. (as of 1/1/2024)
Oakland, CA$16.50/hour; $17.94/hour for hotel workers with Health Benefits; $23.91/hour for hotel workers without Health Benefits (as of 1/1/2024)
Palo Alto, CA$17.80/hour (as of 1/1/2024)
Pasadena, CA$16.93/hour (as of 7/1/2023)
Petaluma, CA$17.45/hour (as of 1/1/2024)
Redwood City, CA$17.70/hour (as of 1/1/2024)
Richmond, CA$17.20 (as of 1/1/2024)
San Carlos, CA$16.87/hour (as of 1/1/2024)
San Diego, CA (city)$16.85/hour (as of 1/1/2024)
San Francisco, CA (city & county)$18.07/hour (as of 7/1/2023)
San Jose, CA$17.55/hour (as of 1/1/2024)
San Mateo, CA (city)$17.35/hour (as of 1/1/2024)
San Mateo County, CA (unincorporated)$17.06/hour (as of 1/1/2024)
Santa Clara, CA (city)$17.75/hour (as of 1/1/2024)
Santa Monica, CA$16.90/hour; $19.73/hour for hotels and businesses operating on hotel property (as of 7/1/2023)
Santa Rosa, CA$17.45/hour (as of 1/1/2024)
Sonoma, CA (city)$16.56/hour for small employers (25 or fewer employees); $17.60/hour for large employers (26 or more employees) (as of 1/1/2024)
South San Francisco, CA$17.25/hour (as of 1/1/2024)
Sunnyvale, CA$18.55/hour (as of 1/1/2024)
West Hollywood, CA$19.08/hour (as of 7/1/2023)

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