May 18, 2020

On May 6, 2020, Governor Newsom signed an executive order protecting employees who contract COVID-19 on the job. The executive order establishes a rebuttable presumption for all of California’s essential employees, entitling them to workers’ compensation benefits if they contract the coronavirus at work.

“We are removing a burden for workers on the front lines, who risk their own health and safety to deliver critical services to our fellow Californians, so that they can access benefits, and be able to focus on their recovery,” said Governor Newsom in a press release announcing the executive order. “Workers’ compensation is a critical piece to reopening the state and it will help workers get the care they need to get healthy, and in turn, protect public health.”

The presumption will be applied retroactively beginning March 19, 2020, the date of Governor Newsom’s first shelter-in-place order, and expire 60 days from the signing of the executive order on May 6. “This order provides immediate relief to all essential workers who have been or will be diagnosed with COVID-19 during the covered period and removes a tremendous amount of doubt in workers’ minds about medical treatment and supplemental income should they become ill.”

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