August 26, 2020- Delayed Mail Across the Nation

Delayed Mail Across the Nation

There have been several articles on the web that verbalize the rising number of complaints regarding slowdowns with the delivery of mail by the Postal Service. Our office has firsthand seen how mail has been delayed recently. Delayed mail is not a good thing for many of our clients, as many documents that we receive in the mail contain due dates, scheduled dates, expiration dates, and more.

According to Nick Casselli, a representative with the American Postal Workers Union in Philadelphia, said mail isn’t being delivered at the rate it should be. See

“My union reps are calling me throughout the night and the morning and say the mail is all over the place,” said Casselli. “They’re just not getting it out.”

The Postal Service has been experiencing financial losses. Politically, there have been budget cuts and policy changes for the Postal Service. Can this be the reason why many have seen delayed mail?

Casselli blames new Postmaster General Louis DeJoy, who recently announced a number of cuts to the Postal Service. “We’re not providing the services we provided 24/7 before Mr. DeJoy was appointed Postmaster General,” Casselli said.

However, another reason for delayed mail may be because of the COVID-19 pandemic. Fewer employees may not be allowed to work in the same room. Employees may be sent home if they are sick. Or perhaps too many individuals are ordering online and using the postal service for first-class packages that may require more time to be delivered due to limited transportation availability.

Could delayed mail be a result of budget cuts or the COVID-19 pandemic?

Gateway Pacific Law Group has increased their texting and emailing to clients so they can be informed of important updates right away. Though, we continue to hope that mail is delivered more timely in the future. Gateway Pacific Law Group, nonetheless, proudly and fully supports the Postal Service, as they can play an essential part in each of our client’s cases.

Thank you essential workers in the Postal Service.



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